Communication within an organization

Communication within an organization

Communication is a fundamental act in our lives that occurs at all hours and at all levels throughout the world, but it was not until the twentieth century that it acquired the academic importance it really required. Today, we are aware that in our life, everything communicates. Our clothes, our behaviors, our looks, our intonations, are just examples of communication that we continually establish with what surrounds us. And in that sense, the company, as an organization that works with people and develops in the social sphere, is fully affected by communication.

The role of communication in companies.

Communication becomes a fundamental axis for the survival of the company in our days. Thus, thanks to communication we can achieve:

  • Understanding by all members of the organization of the company’s mission, vision, corporate culture, objectives, and strategies.
  • Managing the organization correctly because, without communication, it would be unthinkable to do planning, direction, and control.
  • Transmit our positioning and our image to all stakeholders that affect or can affect the normal operation of our company.
  • Favor the internal flow of information that will allow the company continually relearn best practices and improve their operation.
  • Consolidate external relations with all our stakeholders.
  • Adequately carry out offers of products and services to potential clients and objectives.
  • Favors the emergence of innovation and avoids duplication of efforts, optimizing resources and capabilities.

Companies today face a very dynamic environment, continuous changes and constant innovations, where product life cycles are rapidly shortened and new technologies cause a phenomenon of rapid obsolescence. In this situation, it is necessary to have adequate and integrated information systems that allow us to anticipate these changes and react to them proactively. It is no longer just about being the best with our product, but being the fastest and most flexible.

All this is unthinkable without a correct information system and without adequate communication channels. And in that generation of this information system, all the levels of the organization must be involved, starting with management, which should support to the maximum the development of systems that favor the flow of internal and external information and the rest of functional activities And support, who must stop understanding their functions as independent silos and work in a dependent and cross-functional way.

For this, in the last years numerous computer systems that allow a fast flow of information both inside and outside the company have appeared. Inside, there are currently apps that encourage the process of communication of information between all parts of the organization and that are gradually being integrated with other systems which allow real-time communication with the outside.

Having an app that allows the effective communication within an organization such as Nettacy will help combining internal and external information to help modern organizations dilute the boundaries between internal and external communication, so that the whole process -regardless of however is involved and where they might be- becomes something dependent and even indissoluble.

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