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Improving communication in the company

You probably do not know where to start and your first need is to implement a series of actions that initially improve communication in your company. Do not worry; we have summarized the 10 basic actions to create a corporate communication plan.

10 actions to create a communication plan for a company.

  • Study the current communication: Make a study of the current communication plan, analyze errors and successes and point out possible improvements. Record the tools used and those responsible for communication.
  • Analyze communication barriers: Now that you know the communication of your company, stop thinking about those barriers to communication that occur within your company. One of the first steps will be to end all those where possible.
  • Define the objectives of communication in the company: As you well know, every action must have goals. Therefore, when setting up an internal communication plan, we must be clear about the objectives. It’s time to take a seat, surround yourself with those responsible for the company and set measurable goals for your communication plan.
  • Inform workers that there is a communication plan: It is important that you let your employees know the communication plan, or if it does not exist, the intention to create one (you will be surprised by the contributions of your workers). They will be part of the communication, why not count on them to create the plan?
  • Define the typologies of communications and assign objectives: There are a variety of communications (informational, operational, decision making), so your job will be to define the range of possibilities and assign objectives to each of these typologies.
  • Identify your target: It is important to know the different worker profiles that will receive the communications. Depending on the targets defined, you can customize the communications and their messages.
  • Search and select the best communication tools: Once you know the organizational communication of your company, the people responsible for communicating, the barriers, and the objectives of your plan, it is time to choose the tools that best fit with each type of communication. This is where Nettacy comes in hand, as the internal communication platform that will optimize all of the communication within your organization.
  • Plan communications: For each of the objectives we must plan a series of communications to help us meet them. Start by using Nettacy to get everyone in the organization engaged with this new communication process.
  • Schedule communications: Once you have planned all communication actions to meet the objectives it will be necessary to organize all of them in the calendar.
  • Create a responsible team: Before we commented on the need to set measurable objectives, so it will be necessary to analyze if the communication plan we develop is paying off. For this, the best you can do is get a team to check Nettacy and the efficiency it has had since you first started using it, the results will speak by themselves.

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