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A Social Network within a company is more than a chat that you can use during work hours; an Internal Communications Software drives the achievement of strategic business objectives. They help improve the indicators of the company and improve productivity in the different departments: sales, marketing, business development, communication, human resources. This platform is specially designed to connect employees of the same company, publish communications, coordinate projects or just start conversations.

What Internal Communications Software can do for the company
Brands have been seeking affinity with the public and external users, but many times we forget the power of internal communication as an opportunity for employees to become brand ambassadors.
On the one hand, we have the use of social networks like Twitter or LinkedIn to be up to date on the information that interests us. Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram, help in the construction of branding of the printed and in the improvement of the positioning in search engines, in addition to the diffusion of products and contents in social networks and in the direct touch with our clients.
The problem with the availability and use of these social networks by all members of the company during working hours is that they reduce productivity and generate a loss of time, which in the long term is transformed into monetary losses for the company.

That is why there is an exclusive department that is in charge of managing all these social networks to fulfill certain goals and objectives of the company, these social networks serve to give value to the company externally, they are not designed to generate a productive and effective environment within the area of work.An Internal Communications Software solves this failure, where groups formed by employees will have enormous ease and immediacy to share knowledge and content relevant to the performance of their work. Even more so in the era of cloud computing where content is housed in virtual spaces and not in physical files and folders.

Not only does it fill a vacuum created by a need, in addition, the work processes will change radically and communication will be open to all, it will be agiler and hierarchies become communities of people in which the projects are treated.
One of the barriers that internal social networks have had is the ability to use them. Most require specific training to acquire skills, and that retracts many people when they are unable to acquire new knowledge for them. We are sure that if the need for learning disappears, the challenge becomes the participation and this is what we aim at.

Another thing that may be holding you back from using an Internal Communications Software is that as a business leader you are afraid of losing the ability to control your subordinates. But this should not, and does not have to be, the real effectiveness of the company arises when it treats the internal communities as priority groups with which to connect.
An Internal Communications Software should exist in all organizations and through it, a sense of belonging to the workers is created, that staff is aligned with the corporate strategy and that the teams are effective and productive enough to achieve with successful strategic objectives.

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