Mr Anil Doshi, MD, Spherehot

“Finally, a platform that is both simple and tactful in its functions. Our staff have noticed marked improvements within their sub teams in respect to in house sales competitions and design brainstorms using nettacy. This app has proved very useful to our organisation and we would highly recommend this to other businesses alike.”

Dr Biju Simon, Consultant Physician, NHS England

“In my opinion, we don’t talk to each other enough in the NHS! We need to get this piloted with the junior doctors to see if it will help them report gripes better. Juniors are “eyes and ears” of many services. They may even find this more convenient than the in house staff email system. Something like this is
bound to get people typing, sharing, talking and discussing their experience in secure environment without compromising the confidentiality and Information governance may improve engagement. This can act as unique opportunity to enhance effective, efficient and safe patient care through better engagement.
Now if you can achieve that- it is a win-win for patients, management, and staff!”

Jiggy George ,Founder & CEO Dream Theatre

“nettacy is a really effective application that gives your office a “digital face”. It allows you to share information and success stories from work with your peers ,schedule meetings and above all else-  it is secure! This is far more effective than the usual trading of emails and allows for fun engagement.”